Acroaria 2015 - PILOT Guest Area


During the Acroaria event all the guest pilots will be able to fly not only on the competition site, but also from other take off and landing points which are available to the company Voglia Di Volo.

For the guests that will fly in Omegna we are providing these information, this will allow you to fly safely, have fun, whilst taking part in the acrobatics competition.

I believe ours is one of the few, if not the only, event where you are able to fly during the competition, be a privileged spectator and land on ground.

Take offs that can be used are:

MOTTARONE: take off of the Acroaria competition. A take off point will be set up laterally to the main take off point of the competition, beware not to get in the way of competitors when taking off in SYNCHRO.

QUAGGIONE: free take off


GRAVELLONA TOCE loc.Campone: going towards Gravellona a broad landing point is available, a board is present mapping the whole flying site.
OMEGNA loc. Cireggio, at the foot of the mountain of Quarna right in front of the take off point. You'll go over the lake of Omegna, theatre of the acrobatics competition, and you'll land on the opposite side at the foot of the mountain. To better identify it we'll place a red cross on the grass.

GRAVELLONA TOCE loc. Campone:Going to Gravellona left to the take off point, recommended.
Omegna loc. Cireggio

Information & regulations

For all pilots deciding to take off from Mottarone, start of the race, fly over the lake of Orta and landing at Cireggio, it is forbidden to:

Sail in the area of the competition "FLY BOX", as it interferes with the acrobatic maneuvers while competitors fly close to the water.

We ask you to enjoy the flight whilst respecting the spirit of the competition, enjoy the sights from above the competition and to cross the lake at high altitude, so to not interfere with the acrobatic maneuvers and confuse the judges.

More information on the type of take off and landing on this site will be provided on this site on their respective pages, or click on the following link:




A bus will be made available specific for take off from MOTTARONE and QUAGGIONE.