Acroaria 2015 - Public Area - Events



Acroaria's 11th edition will take place in 2015, not only acrobatics, but a whole show designed to promote free-flight.
Many are the events which we are going to make available, all amongst the streets of the city.

Among the objectives of this year there's the will to start an Expo of products linked to free-flight.
Stands that we will provide for free to our guests.
We have take off and landing spots that can be used outside of the competition, available for all our guest pilots.

We believe ours is one of the few competitions in the world where flight enters directly "in your homes".
The location of Omegna, situated barycentric with respect to the north of Italy, close to the Swiss border, will surely help with the flow of pilots and guests coming in.

In this economic struggle we seek help and collaboration from companies that enjoy and are willing to promote our sport, while at the same time advertising themselves.

Our event is an "open container", we need your help to fill it up...