Nord: 45° 52’ 37” – Est 8° 24’ 64”


Less than two hours of flight link amsterdam (1h 45'), Berlin (1H 45'), Paris (1h 30'), and London (1 h) to Malpensa's Milanese Port of call, the international airport which is nearer to Lago Maggiore (about 20 km) than Milan.

It is possible to reach the lake's area by evry means of transport: the plane, and the train with its international line that touches the lake west shores (this line links Milan to Genoa, Zurich and Basel with Cisalpino, Milan to Paris with Standhal, both with stops at the main lake's railway stations).
By road, the links are inside of big European motorways: from Gottardo's tunnel , going towards the south , you reach Bellinzona and therefore the lake (from Basil it takes about two hours); the west coast of the lake is crossed by the Sempione's state road .

You can find there any meand of transport: car, camper-van to be rent, and train (with picturesque alpine itineraries) ferries and cableway (two means of transport that are faster then cars). Taxi-cabs and taxi-boats are also available for those who can't absolutely forgo comfort!


Omegna town is located at the far northern end of lake Orta, one of the naturally and culturally rich tourist attractions in the Piedmont region; it has a good hotel and non-hotel accommodation

servicesand it also  offers a rage of restaurants which offer a wide variety of cuisines

Omegna, and it’s  population of about fifteen thousand people, is the most populated of the entire “Lacustre,” so called Cusio, territory- a very mysterious name. This area has also been named the Riviera of Saint Julius, in remembrance of the Greek missionary of Egina, who evangelized this territory with his brother, Julian, at the time when Christianity was spreading. The Saint now lies buried on the unique and magically beautiful Island of Saint Julian, a little Island right in the middle of lake Orta.

Omegna is found in the  valley between Valley Strona, one of the valleys created by the ancient glacier of Monte Rosa,  and Mottarone, a mountain which is a skiers and walkers’ paradise that separates the lakes Maggiore and Orta.

Omegna is an industrial and artisan manufacturing town, full of factory outlets, especially of household utensils. Alessi, Piazza, Girmi, Lagostina… are but a few of  this all-important trademarks. Omegna is the town where the famous coffee peculator  “Moka Express” was invented; where the innovated “Pressure Coker” was produced in commercial quantities and  where the adventure of the pasta making machine all began. The “Forum Museum” of Omegna” has all the story about it.  Omegna stands on the embankment  of river Nigoglia, which is the only outlet of the lake and which streams northwards, very unusual!

It’s a town that has a great lake and  plays host to lots of  tourists  all year round. It’s a town to go shopping in, go swimming when the weather is fine or go walking in the nearby mountains.